Opening May 17, 2019

Coming soon at The Shops of Canmore, a brand new Hostel featuring comfortable and affordable accommodation. The Calgary Airport Shuttle and Banff / Canmore Shuttles stop right next door to the Hostel.









There are two types of dorm rooms. There are rooms that share bathroom facilities (A-E) and rooms with private facilities (F,H,K,L). All sleep 8 with 4 bunk beds to a room.

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8 Bed Dorms / Shared Bath

  • 4 Bunk Beds per Room
  • Sleep 8
  • Shared Bathroom Facilities
  • Rooms A,B,C,D,E

8 Bed Dorms / Private Bath

  • 4 Bunk Beds per Room
  • Sleep 8
  • Private Bathroom Facilities
  • Rooms F,H,K,L

Private Rooms

If you prefer a more private room there are two types of rooms available. There are rooms with 3 single beds and rooms with 2 single beds. Both these room types have private bathroom facilities.

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2 Single Beds / Private Bath

  • 2 Single Beds per Room
  • Sleeps 2
  • Private Bathroom Facilities
  • Rooms O,P,S

3 Single Beds / Private Bath

  • 3 Single Beds
  • Sleeps 3
  • Private Bathroom Facilities
  • Rooms M,N

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If you require special accommodation arrangements please email your request using the form provided.

For your safety and everyone’s enjoyment please pay attention to these rules:
Pets or smoking are not allowed inside the hostel. Comforters, sheets and pillows are supplied with every bed. For hygiene reasons SLEEPING BAGS are not permitted. Children must be accompanied by an adult within the same room.

Address: 201-302 Old Canmore Road
Canmore, Alberta, Canada