Dear Guest,

The Canmore Downtown Hostel has been working diligently to monitor and prepare for the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – which is raising concerns around the world. We take this development very seriously and are committed to safeguarding the well being of our guests and employees. Although a number of confirmed or presumptive cases have been identified on Alberta, and throughout Canada, Health CanadaAlberta Health Services and other Canadian agencies have stated that the risk to Canadians remains low as hospitals have a strong system to prevent and control infections. This outbreak is being closely monitored by all relevant agencies in the province and federally, and information is communicated to the Canmore Downtown Hostel regularly as such.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust current and spring/summer operations with the same objective; to offer a safe, affordable and comfortable accommodation in our beautiful mountains.  In the event this escalates into our community, we have taken proactive steps to be ready to respond in alignment with information and guidance from the Alberta Health Services and supporting agencies such as the World Health Organization. Canmore Downtown Hostel has procedures in place which outline necessary steps both in prevention, preparedness, and active response should an outbreak such as COVID-19 happen on our property and are rigorously enforcing said policies to achieve the highest level and safety and confidence as possible.

We understand our responsibility as a provider of public activities and services, to keep all guests, staff and the local community safe and ensuring this health is our top priority right now. We are implementing extensive precautionary measures, including:

  • Intensifying all cleaning and disinfecting efforts in all areas of the hostel, common surfaces such as door handles, faucet taps, personal lockers, and shared equipment are attended to more frequently and more thoroughly.
  • Encouraging best practices in avoidance of the spread of germs including frequent hand washing, the practice of covered cough and sneeze etiquette, communicating these messages through installation of additional signage in washrooms and in high traffic areas, as well as regular word-of-mouth conversations.
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations in key areas for guests and staff throughout the property, along with attention-grabbing reminder signage. Hand washing is encouraged first and foremost.
  • Deep cleaning of bed, mattress, sheets, tablets and locker upon each check-out.
  • Encouraging social distancing through changing of lift loading procedures and living area seating, as well as recommending modification of personal greetings to avoid physical contact with others.
  • We took all board games off the table until further notice
  • Re-evaluating upcoming group gatherings and events to determine appropriate precautions with guidance from Health Canada and rescheduling or cancelling as assessed. The following events have been cancelled as of today:
    • Weekly salsa classes
    • Movie nights
    • Pub Crawls

The Canmore Downtown Hostel is committed to evolving our procedures and policies as the circumstances do. We understand the challenge the situation presents and recognize the situation may change day-to-day. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping us to uphold our commitment. Updates will be posted to this page as the latest information becomes available.

For more information on COVID-19, please refer to the Alberta Health Services website: